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Winooski Police Department Employee Roster

E-mail Address
Richard Hebert
 Chief of Police
Scott McGivern
Lieutenant - Community Outreach
William Sullivan Lieutenant - Patrol Supervisor
Rainer Sheehan
Staff Sergeant
Michael Cram
Brenda Davis Sergeant
David Solomon School Resource Officer
David Nease
Detective Corporal
Ben Adams
Detective Corporal
Mike Wood
James Charkalis
James Learned
Dean Fullerton
School Resource Officer
Thomas Cardin
Kyle Brouillette Officer
Steve McQueen
Chief ( Retired)
Chirs Machavern Part-Time Officer
Ron Jackson
Part-time Officer
William Elovirta
Part-Time Officer
Peter Soons
Part-Time Officer
Skyler Genest Part-Time Officer
Robert Borthwick Part-Time Officer
Kathy Benoit 
Colleen Edson
Krista Geraw Dispatcher
Jeff Still
Angela Lapointe Part-Time Dispatcher
Ryan Cashin Part- Time Dispatcher
Sam Little
Part-Time Dispatcher
Angela Lapointe  Part-Time Dispatcher
Jessica Sanborn Part-Time Dispatcher
Janelle Gilbert
Director,  Winooski Justice Center
Patty Niquette
Reparative Board Manager, Winooski Justice Center
Eliah Ferree
Offender Reentry Coordinator
Jodie Bacon
Code Enforcement
Kristin Gaudette
Admin Assistant
Michaelyn Crosby Animal Control Officer
Michael Voity
Network Administrator
Sharon Patenaude

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