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A Note From The Chief 2007


The downtown continues to mature with the completion of Spinner Place and Keens Crossing.  To help manage parking and provide additional security around the parking garage and the River Walk, the police department hired three Code Enforcement Officers. Their primary responsibility is parking enforcement and quality of life issues.  

Part of the re-development plan provided for the addition of a new police officer position to the department.  We anticipate adding an additional position within the next two years as the downtown continues to grow.

The Winooski Police Department devotes two full time police officers to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI).  These two detectives investigate complex criminal activity that is either self initiated or referred by the patrol division.  One of detectives is primarily responsible for drug investigations, while the other detective’s time is split between drug investigation and crimes against the person.  In addition, the police department has one officer on assignment with the Northern Vermont Drug Task Force. The statistical data provided by the police department does not include any investigations on behalf of the detective on assignment.

During the previous 12 month period (November 2006 – November 2007), the Winooski Police Department BCI investigated numerous frauds, home invasions, assaults, burglaries and other serious criminal activity.  Drug investigations continue to overwhelm the police department in terms of number of incidents, investigative hours and follow up investigations.  During this period of time the police department conducted 174 drug offense investigations which resulted in 55 criminal charges.  In addition, numerous criminal cases have been referred to the United States Attorneys Office for Federal Criminal Investigation

The Winooski Community Justice Center ; under the direction of Janelle Gilbert-Fuller , continues to promote the principals of balanced and restorative justice within the City.  The Center, which is a function of the police department, expanded services to include Offender Reentry.  In designing an offender reentry program our goal is to have the Winooski Community Justice Center coordinate the provision of a wide range of opportunities for offenders to return to the community.   Our goal to the community is to provide accountability of program participants.  Our participants are accountable for their actions, are monitored and provided with supportive services to reduce their recidivism and become productive and responsible members of society. 

Funding for the Winooski Community Justice Center is provided through several sources.  The Vermont Agency of Human Service (Corrections) provides direct funding for the restorative justice initiatives and the Victim Advocate is funded by a Federal Grant administered by the Department of Justice. 

The men and women of the Winooski Police Department continue to do their best to provide quality policing services to our community.  We assigned an officer full-time to investigate illicit drug activity and an officer to youth services.  By addressing the demand and the supply, we hope to decrease the amount of drug related criminal activity in the area.

Policing a community is challenging and complex.  The members of the police department are well trained and dedicated to the task at hand.  Please visit us at our web site, www.winooskipolice.com, for updated information and take advantage of our “feed-back” page to comment on our services.

(Steve McQueen, Chief of Police)


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