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A Note From The Chief 1998

The Police Department continued its long history of service to the City of Winooski.   During Fiscal Year (FY) 1997-1998 the City received additional federal funds in our effort to better serve our community.  This year the City hired an additional officer that will be partially funded through the Department of Justice COPS Grant program.   For the third year, the City received funds through the Law Enforcement Block Grant program.  These funds must be used to assist and enhance the department's ability to provide law enforcement services.  In addition to replacing outdated personal body armor, the department purchased several new portable radios, provided additional advanced training to it's officers and continued to upgrade the department computer system.

This year, the department continued to respond to an ever-increasing number of calls for service at the Winooski Educational Center.  Since the State was unable to assist with the prosecution of truants, the City Council adopted a Winooski City Ordinance that allowed for the prosecution by the City Grand Juror, of parents, or guardians, for failing to insure that their child attended school.  In order to better respond to these calls for service, and improve the educational component of our school based programs,    the Winooski Community Partnership Board provided partial funding for a School Resource Officer.  On April 1, 1998, Officer James Fuller moved into his new office at the High School.  Officer Fuller is a full-time police officer assigned to the school to provide both law enforcement and educational support to the school system.    It is our hope to continue the funding of this very effective and important position during the next fiscal year.

The police department was an active participant in the Chittenden County S.T.A.R.T. program.  This program was part of the police communities' response to an ever-increasing problem with under age drinking of alcoholic beverages.  During one weekend, the S.T.A.R.T. patrol issued 24 violations of the Winooski City Ordinance for possession of alcohol by a minor.  Winooski Officers, along with members of all Chittenden County Police Departments, participated in eight (8) patrols during the spring of 1998.  Lt. Sheehan and Officer Fuller were both founding members of the Chittenden County Task Force and without their help the program would not have been as effective.

I would like to thank Sheriff McLaughlin for his generosity and assistance this year.    Sheriff McLaughlin provided vehicles and portable radios for our use during Halloween and the ice storm.  The Sheriff and his staff are always willing to provide whatever assistance he can and we truly appreciate it.

The ice storm brought out the best in all of us this year.  To the dispatchers who kept us all together and going in the right direction and to the members of the fire department who provided shelter and assistance to anyone in need, I thank you.  No one refused to help those in need.

During FY 1997-1998 the Police Department responded to 10,518 calls for service, which included 543 arrests for criminal violations, 122 of which were lodged at the Correctional Facility.  The department issued 1,163 traffic tickets, 1,249 parking tickets, and responded to 285 motor vehicle accidents.

As always I wish to thank Ann Cookson, who is more than our City Manager, she is a true friend to every member of the Winooski Police Department.  Without her support, and that of the Mayor and City Council, we would not be able to provide the high quality of service to our community that we do.  To the members of the Winooski Police Department, I would like to thank you for all your support and look forward to another great year together.

(Steve McQueen, Chief of Police)


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