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On behalf of all of the men and women of the Winooski Police Department, let me welcome you to the Winooski Police Department website.  I hope you will find the information you were looking for about our organization.  

It is an honor to serve as police chief in such a diverse, energetic and engaged community. WPD provides 24/7 police services for approximately 7,500 residents over one square mile of fun. We are committed to providing exceptional community service. Together with citizens, businesses, and other partners we strive to reduce crime, and solve problems utilizing community input.

We are committed to ensuring that our law enforcement and problem solving efforts are carried out professionally, respectfully and without bias. We believe that our open and engaged public safety philosophies will continue to make Winooski a desirable place to live.

Whether you are a citizen or a visitor to our web page please feel comfortable contacting me at (802) 655-0221 or

In closing I would like to thank our community for the support they provide for our staff in the challenging work that we do each day. I am honored to serve with them and for you as Chief of Police

Richard Hebert

Chief of Police                                                                                                                  


Below are the previous Notes From the Chief dating back to 1996.

A Note From the Chief 1996 A Note From the Chief 1997
On July 1, 1996 I had the highest honor bestowed upon me when I was appointed Police Chief for the City of Winooski. I have served... It's hard to believe that a year has past since my appointment as Police Chief, and what a year it has been. During FY1996-97 the department was...
A Note From the Chief 1998 A Note From the Chief 1999
The Police Department continued its long history of service to the City of Winooski.   During Fiscal Year (FY) 1997-1998 the City received additional ... Since 1993, the Winooski Police Department saw an increase in criminal arrest of over 250%. While preparing this report, I looked at our activity ...
A Note From the Chief 2000 A Note From the Chief 2001
What a difference a year makes. A new Mayor and City Council members, direct vote on the City budget by the community, the loss of our City... The members of the Winooski Police Department would like to welcome aboard City Manager Gerry Myers. Gerry jumped in with both feet, starting ...
A Note From the Chief 2002 A Note From the Chief 2003
Another year, another annual report.  Six years ago I was appointed Police Chief and set a goal of providing effective and innovative policing to the .. With the encouragement of the Mayor and City Council, and the support of the City Manager, the police department has continued to expand its...
A Note From the Chief 2004 A Note From the Chief 2005
The City of Winooski found itself approaching a major crossroad this year with the anticipated re-development of the downtown area.  With this ... It is hard to believe but this is my tenth annual report to the citizens of Winooski as their Chief of Police.  How time flies.  When I was appointed ...
A Note From the Chief 2006 A Note From the Chief 2007

A year of transition.

 The downtown area is taking shape with the introduction of the new roundabout and parking garage.  This fall, 200 college students ... .

The downtown continues to mature with the completion of Spinner Place and Keens Crossing.  To help manage parking and provide additional security around the,..
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A Note From the Chief 2010

A Note from the Chief 2011

A Note From the Chief 2012

A Note From the Chief 2013

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